Friendly Utensil For Slack

Spork Bot Info

Spork Bot is a simple utensil for Slack. It has features for things from decision making, to managing todo lists for yourself and your team. Spork bot is the perfect application for everyday use.

Spork Bot was written in php and python by me, Ben, and is full of functions that are useful to anybody, and I think will be useful for others around the world. I hope you can love Sporkbot as much as I do.

I hope to add more features, and make this an awesome bot for you

Spork Bot is still being developed, and may have some bugs. If you find a bug, please contact me below, and I will try to fix them as soon as possible and get back to you.


Our Features

  • help => Get a help menu
  • echo => Echo back your text
  • decide => decide between many options
  • mytodo => personal todo list
  • todo => channel/team todo list

Upcoming Features

  • In Channel Reminders
  • Define => Get a defination of a word
  • Weather => get weather report

Contact Spork Team


Hi I'm Benjamin, and I wrote SporkBot. Help support SporkBot by making a donation. All funds help us keep things running smooth, and any extra goes to my college fund. paypal.me/sporkbot